Balanced Marble, NY
Name: Balanced Marble, NY Location: Scarsdale, NY Product: Custom Glass Table Credits: G and S Installation LLC, Tri-State Glass Co. This was our first and will certainly be one the most memorable custom tables we have ever designed. The goal was to create a table that used glass to counter balance a 270lb piece of solid marble that would be used as the base. To do with we used a combination of basic statics and physics equations to determine the center of gravity of both pieces as well as to determine the moment arm (torque) required to stabilize the table. Once we had a pretty good understanding of the table’s required geometry and size, we used Soildworks CAD, a 3D solid modeling program, to create 3D renditions of the table and its components. This gave us the ability to run finite element analysis on the table using various point loads and torques, thereby confirming the accuracy of our hand calculations. At the end of the day, this well engineered balancing act turned out to be a stunning piece of art, as well as a completely functional and dependable coffee table. We are glad we were able to prove our skills as engineers and designers and look forward to more out-of-the-box requests like this!