Nassau Country Club, NY
2 weeks, 3 men, 4 stories, 56 steel windows to remove, 56 steel windows to install and glaze with custom leaded stained glass and 1 company you can count on to do it right - G&S! Special credit goes out to: - Rohlf's Studio, Inc in NY for the stunning stained glass. They always come through and are perfectionists in the glass industry. -A&S Windows out of NY for supplying the steel windows. Alan is your man if you have a historic project like this. Give them a call. -Arcon Group for the masonry work. Very talented group of guys. -Skyward Film Inc. out of Providence, RI, for the aerial cinematography. We have said it before and we will say it again, these guys are good, really good! You can see the video they put together of the project here: