Dave Mathews Pool House, VA
Just outside of Scottsville, Virginia, is what was once widely known as the Jefferson Mill. Provided its remarkable history, dating back to the early 1800’s, this Mill has since been completely renovated by its current owner and popular musician, Dave Mathews. Although the Mill has undergone extensive renovation to accommodate its new owner, it still consists of its original brick façade, 4 floors and large, hand-worked, wooden support beams which run the entire length of the home. The biggest addition, and most recent twist to this project, is the 3 story pool house which is constructed roughly 300 feet in front of the Mill. This pool house encompasses a stunning bluestone in-ground infinity pool, Jacuzzi, large outdoor eating area with custom grill setup and cookery, custom Wooden Arched gazebos, numerous private balconies, indoor and outdoor showers, a solid Bronze Thermally Broken Door and much more. As specialists in the steel window and door business, G and S Installation USA took liberty of providing an install fit for a rockstar. To do this, we outfitted this stunning Bronze door with 8 individual panes of 32mm Frosted Dual-Pane glass. For door hardware, we installed none other than Olivari’s Planet Q burnished brass door handle complimented by a multipoint locking system with eurocyclinder internal thumb turn and external key port. To secure the door to the opening, we designed custom 1/8” steel plates which we manufactured from stamped, high-strength galvanized steel. Once stamped, drilled and tapped, we applied a cold galvanizing spray to prevent future corrosion. A total of 8 plates were anchored into the surrounding concrete to support this large door. Additionally, Stainless Steel fasters and bolts insured that the door frame was rigid and secure for years of operation. To complement the bronze burnish, we used Bronze DOW 795 caulk to glaze each lite and Black DOW 795 to caulk the edge of the custom plates and in-between the Stainless Steel fasteners and galvanized steel plates to prevent galvanic corrosion. Needless to say, Dave Mathew’s Bronze gateway, from his custom stone shower and spa to his spacious patio and pool area, is unlike any other and G and S Installation USA is proud to say we made that possible. If you are considering renovating your custom home, looking to implement a one-of-a-kind, antique piece or attribute into your space or are just looking for an installation you can rely on, let G and S Installation USA help you along the way.