Lexington Transformation, MA
Name: Lexington Transformation, MA Location: Lexington, MA Product: Thermally Broken Steel Curtain Wall, Thermally Broken Steel OS2 Series Casement Windows and Doors Credits: FBN Construction Inc., Steel Windows and Doors USA, Faith Baum Architects Once a 100 year old, country style kitchen now reinvented into a modern oasis; this was one of the most unbelievable transformations that G and S Installation has ever been a part of. Having lived in this historic home for over 40 years, the client felt it was time to break out of the box and completely modernize the heart of their home -- the kitchen. To do this, the incredible team at FBN Construction aided the client in hand-picking every aspect of the space. Aside from state of the art appliances, wall-to-wall Italian white marble, handmade German cabinetry, and state of the art lighting, the client desired a bright, spacious area, with an abundance of natural light without sacrificing efficiency or safety. To create the most functional possible workspace, a large kitchen island was built, with seating for six and a sink that looks out into the beautiful backyard. In the kitchen, a wall of windows and a soaring ceiling height brings wonderful light into the space. Choosing anodized aluminum for the kitchen cabinets takes full advantage of the light, creating a luminescent sheen. In the butler’s pantry, a high-gloss sand gray lacquer with aluminum edges maximizes the reflection from the large new windows. The generous use of Calcutta marble adds the note of elegance the client desired. For this project, G and S Installation installed numerous Thermally Broken, steel units throughout the space (three large fixed windows with mulled transoms, one small fixed window, one combination unit consisting of two casements mulled to a fixed lite in-between, and one glass door). This provided the natural light the client desired while maintaining maximum efficiency of the space. Additionally, it also offered maximum undisturbed viewing areas to the beautiful gardens and landscaping the client had a great passion for.